Upcoming Webinar: the Future of Work – with Steve King, Josh Holbrook, and Jim Ware


Join us on Friday, February 8 at 1:00-2:00pm ET for a roundtable-style public conference call in which Steve King, Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future, Jim Ware, co-founder of the Future of Work and a contributor to this blog, and Yankee Analyst Josh Holbrook will discuss the Future of Work and the impact it will have on businesses large and small.

Among the questions they’ll be addressing:

  • How will the role of IT change as new work tools become more accessible and computer-savvy college graduates come into the workforce?
  • Are we really looking at the end of the Hierarchical Organization?
  • What developments will drive the biggest changes on how teams work?
  • Have the traditional barriers to adoption of work tools – people, culture, and politics – disappeared?

Join these leading thinkers in the first of what promises to be series of spirited discussions on the Future of Work, the Future of the Office, and the impact on the Future of Businesses.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION to sign up for this free webinar. We will be taking your questions during the live online session or you can also write up your questions ahead of time and post them as a comment to this post.

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