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Recommind Provides Axcelerate eDiscovery 3.0 with New Features


Recommind provides enterprise search, email management, expertise location, and eDiscovery systems for enterprises and law firms. They recently announced the availability of version 3.0 of their Axcelerate (TM) eDiscovery software. This latest release adds automatic language detection, built-in workflow management and administration. The application was developed with input from a number of large law firms. They are especially geared to serve law firms but will support most business intelligence needs.

Axcelerate eDiscovery offers First-Pass Review (TM) and One-Click Coding (TM) functionality, which work with any language and any type of structured or unstructured data. These features enable Axcelerate eDiscovery to automatically organize large scale multi-terabyte document sets prior to review for early case assessment while also automatically “pre-coding” an entire collection based on each document’s subject matter and priority.

The automated language detection and filtering feature allows the system to index, cull, filter, search, review and code documents in many languages. The new integrated workflow console automates multi-tiered reviews and rules-based review batching, extending their resource management capabilities and enabling multi-layered coding verification. There is also completely new administration console that provides built-in quality control management, detailed reporting and increased system and performance monitoring and alerting.

The system also “learns” from reviewer input. 
With its ability to incorporate user coding decisions in real time, Axcelerate eDiscovery allows users to automatically make use of the collective work product of the entire review effort. This expanded the transparency regardless of the number or location of reviewers or review teams. I like this transparency as it is very consistent with the premise of enterprise 2.0. In addition, the system’s “find all like this” functionality uses their conceptual search engine to quickly locate similar documents to a sample document of interest whether a particular keyword was used frequently, occasionally or not at all, again promoting increased access to the right documents.

The MindServer platform that lies underneath Axcelerate automatically identifies concepts within and across information resources, regardless of the language or subject, reducing the amount of manual input. I wrote about MindServer in May on this blog, MindServer Enterprise Search Runs Down the Length of the Long Tail.

I think this form of search and information management will continue to increase in importance for enterprise 2.0. It is good to see providers enhancing their offerings in this space.

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