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The Limitations of Social Media
Although using social media sites for business can be beneficial for a business’ website, this article describes how “the visitors you will get from social media marketing will have some limitations that you’ll need to be prepared for.”

EU may regulate social networking sites over security issues
The EU released a preview of their General Report, which states that although they think social networks are a positive phenomenon, they are “not without their own set of security problems”. Included in the report, covered here in an article by Jacqui Cheng,  are suggestions on how the average user can be more secure and protected online.

Mashable’s Guide to Upcoming Web 2.0 Conferences and Events
This comprehensive list from Mashable shows all the upcoming Web 2.0 conferences, seminars, and events. A must-read for individuals and businesses looking to network and get the latest ideas on Web 2.0.

Hope for air travelers with laptops
A brief but interesting item on the news that the TSA is collaborating with manufacturers including Targus and Skooba Design to create “checkpoint-friendly” laptop cases. Buy one of these cases – likely due out in a few months – and you’ll be spared having to take your laptop out at the security checkpoint.

The Next-Gen Web: Browser Storage Support
According to this article “Local storage is a major new feature of the new web API, and developers will not only have consistent support across browsers but will also have the option of Google Gears as well as Yahoo! BrowserPlus.” The writer is keen to point out that despite this trend, Microsoft seems to be left out.

The advancement of social media has also affected the public relations industry. In fact, the industry now has “much more insight into the fundamental aspects of relationship-building” due to social media says this article.

An HR View on Facebook in the Enterprise
The blogger discusses a report on how Human Resources perceive Facebook in the workplace. Although the report suggests firm conduct policies for improper Facebook usage, the author recommends that “in the cases where there are misuses, those issues should be resolved in a private manner between a manager and his/her direct report”.

I’ll Never Get on a Plane Again
Guy Kawasaki shares an interesting video depicting Cisco/Musion Systems Telepresence, a way to conduct holographic video conferences. “Forget Cathay Pacific’s first class seat, this is the way to make a speech in a far away land”.

Team Building With Wikis
Team building can be difficult every time there’s a new member or a reallocation of responsibilities but wikis are here to help, says Ross Mayfield, a longtime social media and wiki proponent and practitioner: “Wikis and Social Software offer an opportunity for sustainable team building. Not just when you have gained adoption through effective practices so people share and connect while doing their daily work. But specific team activities…”

Why Every Company Needs to Embrace Social Media
Even though there’s no end to the media coverage of social media, most companies – whether they’ve adopted social media tools or not – don’t fully understand what they’re getting into says Ryan Healy. “It’s not easy. It takes a ton of time and it may even consist of a couple full time hires, but establishing a social media presence is worth it. Sooner or later every company will be actively using social media, but the trendsetters are the ones who will get the most out of it. Don’t be left behind…”

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