Moxie Software Partners with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


I have covered Moxie Software™, enterprise social software provider, before (see Moxie Provides Free Desktop Sync Capability with Moxie Spaces and Moxie Announces Spaces to Enhance Customer Engagement).  They now have announced a partnership with Microsoft Corp. to pursue a joint, go-to-market strategy offering Spaces by Moxie™ within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

As part of the partnership, Moxie Software™ will provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM with comprehensive, multi-channel and knowledge base solutions for delivering superior customer experiences. Offered on premises or in the cloud, Moxie Software’s Knowledge Spaces™, Email Spaces™, Chat Spaces™, Web Self-Service Spaces™, CoBrowse Spaces™ and Social Media Spaces™ are immediately available to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
 Here is a sample screen showing Moxie within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The enhanced capability from this paring include:

  • Single agent desktop that seamlessly works with multi-channel interactions to contact and case records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Automatic search of knowledge base from within the case record for faster resolution.
  • Ability to publish information from case record into knowledge base.
  • Proactive customer engagement on the website via rules driven chat and creation of lead/case records within Microsoft Dynamics CRM where appropriate. 
  • Accurate data ensured by allowing agents to update Microsoft Dynamics CRM from within the agent desktop.

This seems a natural partnership. I have written about the need to combine the collaboration capabilities of the new social tools with the enterprise transaction and documentation apps such as CRM (see for example, Integrating the Interactions with the Transactions). The Moxie Microsoft CRM is a perfect example of this. I have seen a few other cases so far and think it will become a trend that others will follow.

Consistent with this trend, Yammer recently announced an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM bringing internal collaboration to Dynamics. Moxie’s partnership supports external/customer communications adding channels such as email, chat, co-browse, social media and also a knowledge platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



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