Co-Working Spaces: Cheap and Sociable


Kare Anderson writes about the trend toward co-working spaces:

“Even people who are antisocial feel a need to be around other people for at least part of the day while they’re working,” says researcher Laura Forlano. That’s why soloists bootstrapped into being a co-working space in Austin called Conjunctured. Working elbow to elbow around a table or in separate offices often means you are more likely to help each other than those who work alone, they found. Each space has its own personality and rules. Co-work space is now a burgeoning trend in a bad economy.

Co-working basically means shared office space.  Some professions, such as lawyers, have been working in shared office space for decades.  It’s actually been a common thing among attorneys.  They share individual offices within a suite.  Each lawyer contributes toward the overhead, including a receptionist,  law books, a telephone system, conference room space and so on.

But now coworking has hit the ranks of entrepreneurs, who are sharing work space cost effectively.

Kare’s post lists a variety of resources for co-working spaces.  She points out a wiki and a directory.  There’s even a matching service called SuiteMatch to find your match for office space.

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