Moxie Provides Free Desktop Sync Capability with Moxie Spaces


Moxie provides a comprehensive platform for the networked organization through its Spaces by Moxie™ suite, which includes Collaboration Spaces™ internal collaboration, and other customer Engagement applications for external communication. I have covered Moxie before (see Moxie Announces Spaces to Enhance Customer Engagement and Moxie Provides a Social Workspace Through Employees Spaces).

I recently spoke with Tara Sporrer, Moxie’s VP of Marketing, and Nikhil Govindaraj, Moxie’s VP of Products about their new desktop sync capability. They provided a demo, as that is the best way to see how this new functionality works. The desktop sync capability provides the ability to work offline in the Windows desktop environment. Then you can share your work with others as you go back online. You can re-sync whenever you are online. The process can be scheduled by the user in terms of frequency. You can see a desktop sync in action below.

There are three organizing themes: People, Groups and Projects as you can see below.

There is also a drop zone where you can place materials that you want to share and then decide later how you want to share it. I like this feature as I am always thinking of stuff to share but do not want to interrupt the flow of work to do the actual sharing. I also sometimes later decide later how I actually what to share it.

They have also integrated Moxie with Outlook. This is another component of Desktop Sync. It transforms traditional email threads into social discussions in a collaboration platform. Users can create new discussion topics directly from Outlook, or start with an existing email and create a discussion around it. When sending or reading emails, users can also view any recent activities inside Collaboration Spaces of the email recipients, providing up-to-date social context. Users can also post status updates directly from Outlook. You can see a sample screen below.

With this integration you can move emails into Moxie to start a discussion on a collaborative platform much better suited to conversations than the tangled and overlapping email threads that often emerge. You can see below how you can create a discussion in Moxie’s Collaboration Spaces directly from Outlook.

I like these two complementary moves. They both provide added flexibility for working with social tools that will certainly increase adoption. They also allow social features to be embedded where real work is done and not be a separate isolated application.

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