2013 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Process Starts


The 16th annual Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) studies nominating began on April 15, 2013. The 2013 MAKE research program consists of the Global, Americas, Asian and European studies, as well as national studies for Brazil, China, India and Indonesia. This award always brings back memories. The Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) award has been around for some time. Back when I was with a large consulting company and involved in our knowledge management practice, I spoke at the awards meetings in London several times.  These were the days of better travel funding and the relatively early days of KM. I am pleased that this award is still around and still relevant.

The 86-page “2013 Knowledge-Intensive Sector Leaders Report,” part of the “2013 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Report,” has been published by Teleos. It identifies the Knowledge Leaders for over 25 knowledge-intensive business sectors. The ranking tables and commentary have been established based on the MAKE research team’s assessment of national/regional/global MAKE studies as well as a number of independent studies focusing on industry-specific metrics and rankings.

Apple was recognized as the Overall Winner of the 2011 Global MAKE study. Other include: Accenture, APQC, ConocoPhillips, Fluor, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Infosys Ltd., McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, POSCO, PwC, Royal Dutch Shell, Samsung, Schlumberger, Siemens, Tata, Toyota, Unilever, and Wikipedia.

An even more select group of organizations form the 2012 Global MAKE Hall of Fame.  These 24 organizations have been Global MAKE Finalists in each of the past five annual studies: Accenture, Apple, APQC, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Fluor, Google, IBM, Infosys Limited, Mars, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, MindTree, Petrobras, POSCO, PwC, Royal Dutch Shell, Samsung, Schlumberger, Siemens, Tata Group, Toyota and Wipro Technologies.

Successfully managing enterprise knowledge can provide quantified returns. The 2012 Global MAKE Winners trading on the NYSE/NASDAQ showed a Total Return to Shareholders (TRS) for the ten-year period 2002-2011 of 19.7% – nearly three times the average Fortune 500 company median.

The Return on Revenues (ROR) for the 2012 Global MAKE Winners was also 3.2 times that of the Fortune 500 ROR median at 12%. In addition the Return on Assets (ROA) for the 2012 Global MAKE Winners was 9.9% – nearly four times that of the Fortune 500 ROA median.

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